For more than 15 years we have worked hard on creating the perfect helmet. All of ourhelmets are rigorously tested and our Full Face helmets are tested at extreme speeds up to 185mph/300kmph on the German Autobahn!

We work hand in hand with our manufacturing plants to provide you the best craftsmanship and the latest technology.

BANDIT helmets are not mass produced, but rather made in small numbers with great care and attention to every detail and aspect. We are continually optimizing our product, quality and fit utilizing our long standing experience combined with the feedback of our customers, the best materials and the most up to date manufacturing process. For example: Our Jet, XXR, Superstreet II and Crystal helmets are manufactured exclusively for us and Interior is made from 95% cotton by a special molding process for that perfect fit and comfort. You can rest assured that only the best quality, attention to detail, long term experience and knowledge are put into our BANDIT HELMETS.

BANDIT Helmets have it all, an outstanding design, great quality,safety and comfort!